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Dr Huang JingWeight Loss with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Losing weight with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is achieved by acupuncture and other TCM adjuvanttherapies. Modern medicine thinks simple obesity is associated with endocrine disorder, which relates to a variety of hormones, especiallysex hormones, adrenal cortical hormone insulin and leptin, which can be adjusted by acupuncture; on the other hand, TCM differentiates obesity from the aspects of Zang-fu and holds it is closely connected with the functions of liver, spleen and kidney, which can also be recovered by acupuncture.

Based on TCM syndromedifferentiation, it starts from adjusting endocrine and nerve functions with acupuncture and acupressure so as to lose weight.


1. One with skin diseases can’t be treated with TCM to lose weight;

2. One with poor cardiac function or pacemaker can’t be treated with TCM to lose weight;

3. One with bleeding tendency diseases such as blood coagulation disturbance, hemophilia or anemia can’t be treated with TCM to lose weight.

Introduction to obesity

Obesity refers to a certain degree of overweight and over-thick fat layer, and over accumulation of the body fat, especially triglycerides.Excessive food intake or body metabolism change induced excess body fat accumulation can lead to body weight increase as well as body pathological, physiological change or latent, which is evaluated via the standard equation that states obesity degree=(Actual body weight- Standard body weight)/standard body weight *±100%

Classification of obesity

TCM has an earlier literature record on obesity, the reason of which is considered to be related to dampness, phlegm and deficiency. In accordance with their causes, TCM classifies obesity into the following types:

1. Abdominal obesity: caused by liver qi excess, usually with constipation and hypertension tendency;

2. Puffiness: caused by over-function or under-function of kidney and often lead to heart problems;

3. Fat obesity: caused by blood qi excess and often lead to heart problems;

4. Morbid obesity: caused by blood qi deficiency or spleen yang excess, for instance obesity after childbirth and hormone obesity;

5. Qi obesity: caused by tri-jiao channel disorder and belongs to stress induced obesity.

For these types of obesity, TCM believes that the fundamental reason is theimbalance of Yin and Yang that directly affects the human body fluids of pH value and survivability of internal enzymes.TCM can adjust human body from within via regulating the endocrine and zang-fu organs such as the liver, spleen, kidney, heart, lungs, and the sanjiao to accomplish the unity of the bodythrough the role of qi-blood-body fluid so that to achieve the goal of weight loss. Besides, TCM is of no side effect and has the effect of nourishing and health care.

TCM holds that obesity is a syndrome of deficient root and excessive superficial. Deficient root is mainly characterized by qi deficiency, together with yang deficiency or qi and yin deficiency if yin-yang imbalance is involved. It is commonly located in the spleen, kidney, liver, gallbladder, heart and lung, with syndrome of qi deficiency in the spleen and kidney frequently seen in clinic as well as the syndrome of liver and gallbladder discharging disorder. Excessive superficial is mainly characterized by fat and grease, and phlegm accumulation, together with dampness, blood stasis and qi stagnation.There also can be particular emphasis or mixture between the deficient root and excessive superficial. Thus, one should pay attention to key points in clinic, and be able to differentiatesymptoms and identify etiology so as to achieve good efficacy with focused prescriptions.

Formula for Calculating Obesity
Body mass index(BM)=Weight/ Square of the Body Height(kg/m2

Ideal Weight(Kg)=(18.5~23.9)×Square of the Body Height (unit:m)

According to WHO standard, BMI over 22.9 is taken as overweight for Asians. Asians are different from occidentals in race, which makes WHO standard of MBI not suitable for Chinese. The BMI standard for Chinese is as follows:

BMI Category

WHO Standard

Asian Standard

Severely Underweight




Underweight(with increasing illness risk)





Average Level





Standard for Good Figure

In terms of BMI, one evaluation index of body fat for doctors, the standard BMI should be around 20-22.
BMI=Weight(kg)/Square of the Body Height(m2)
Normal Weight: 18.2-22.9 Overweight: 23-24.9 Obese

Level One: 25-29.9 Obese Level Two: >30

Chinese Materia Medica for Weight Loss

Jumingzi can clear the liver and brightenthe eyes, improve bowel movement and lower lipid to reduce weight. It can inhibit the synthesis of body fat, and decompose the extra fat in the body. However, in consideration of it coldness in nature, it is suggested to be composed as Juewu Decoction with Heye, Damai, Heiwulong and Fuling, in which Fuling can protect the spleen and stomach, avoid the coldness of Juemingzi so to achieve weight loss without having negative effects on diet or body health.


Zexie can promote urination and clear damp heat, thus helping us eliminates excessive body water, accelerate body metabolism. Most people suffering from obesity in the lower part of body are caused by edema. Zexie can do great help in eliminating the elephant legs and turnip leg, especially for people with lower body obese! One can use Zexie to make tea with 6 g to 9 g for daily amount; otherwise one may bring discomfort to his intestines and stomach.


Shouwu can moisten intestines and stomach, with detoxification effect. It can appropriately promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, discharge the body waste in the intestines and stomach, reduce the gastrointestinal absorption of fat and cholesterol, prevent the accumulation of cholesterol precipitation in the gastrointestinal, thus making agood food for reducing weight. Shouwuis effective for treating constipation-typed obese, since it can quickly help us clear the hoarding in the body of garbage, and lose belly fat into small waist!

Heye contains a variety of effective fat alkaloids that can effectively break down body fat, and eliminate them out of body strong. Alkaloid in Heye covers at human intestinal wall, forming a layer of fat separation membrane to prevent fat absorption or accumulation. Alkali in Heye can adjust fat diet with strong oils exclusion effect so to let one dislikes animal fat or greasy food.

Damai tea is mainly used fordetoxification, tonifying the spleen to lose weight, clearing heat and eliminating summer heat, removing the smelling of fish or mutton, promoting digestion, nourishing the skin and blacking hair. The dietary fiber in Damai tea can adjust the digestion and absorption function so as to delay the absorption of nutrients.Dietary fiber can also be satiety, which avoids excessive intake of heat energy, fat, carbohydrate, thus having the effect of the prevention and treatment of obesity.


Yiren is a kind of traditional material medica that can make the skin smoother. Besides, it can promote water circulation and metabolism in the body. In this way, fat is easy to be burned down so strengthen the effect of reducing weight. Yiren can promote diuresis and eliminate edema. It is also taken as diet products.

Six TCM Formulas for Losing Weight

With the improvement of people's living standard, together with people less attention to healthy diets, Number of obese people isincreasing. Not only will obesity affect our physical beauty, but also seriously affect our health. Thus, losing weight is extremely urgent, Let's look at the six most common TCM formulas for reducing weight.

Method of relieving chest stuffiness anddispersingphlegm

Obese people are generally of more phlegm caused by too much lipid in the body, which are characterized by shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, slippery and greasy tongue coating in clinic. Some with phlegm heat can be seen short-tempered and get irritated very easily, which would lead to hypertension, distending feeling and buzzing in the head, insomnia, yellow and greasy tongue coating and dry feces. People with these conditions can easily suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, for which the method of relieving chest stuffiness anddispersing phlegm is best suitable for.

Commonly used drug such as Gualou, also known as Kuolou, plays a key role in relieving chest stuffiness anddispersing phlegm. The Gualou bag sold in the market is made out of this one drug only and is effective in lowering blood lipid and the treatment of coronary heart disease. Gualou can also moist the intestines, making is suitable for patients with phlegm heat knotting inside and constipation. Xiebai, namely Xiaosuan, is often used with Gualou, as in Kuolou Xiebai Decoction prescribed by Zhang Zhongjing, famous TCM experts in Han Dynasty for the treatment of chest stuffiness and pains. Zhishi and Zhike can relievechest stuffiness anddisperse phlegm; when combined with Chenpi and Banxia, it is Wendan Decoction for the treatment of obese people with phlegm dampness, palpitation and insomnia. Banxia can reduce phlegm, harmonize the stomach and alleviate vomiting; when combined with Chenpi, it is the main ingredients in Erchen Decoction, which is frequently used in treating varied phlegm syndromes with symptoms such as vomitingsputum, or coughing with excessive phlegm, dizziness, palpitation. tracing back the origin of Erchen Decoction, it generates from Wendan Decoction. Chenpi is Jupi, good in fragrance; it can not only harmonize the stomach and regulate qi, but is also with the function of reducing phlegm and lowering lipid. Chenpi prune and Chenpi slice sole on the market are also effective in lowering blood lipid with food therapy.

Method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis

Obese people are commonly characterized with hyperliposis in blood, which can easily result in hardening of the arteries that lead to varied heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Material medica for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can dilate coronary arteries, increase blood flow, reduce blood fat, and prevent plaque formation and promote its regression. This method can be applied in obese people with symptoms like blood stasis and amenorrhea, bruising color and petechial in tongue for disease treatment and weight losing at the same time. Common drugs for promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and lowering lipid contain Danggui and Chuanxiong from Foshou Powder, a preferred choice for activating blood circulation and relieving pain since ancient times, Chishaoyao and Jixueteng, suitable for patients with blood stasis obstructing the collaterals, Sanqi and Puhuang for patients with sharp pain caused by blood stasis. The Danshenbao, Modified Danshenbao, No.1 Formula and No. 2 formula for coronary heart disease also show the effects of activating blood circulation and reducing blood lipid.

Method of promoting diarrhea and purgation

Obese people are commonly seen as strong and beefy in constitution. The method of promoting diarrhea and purgation can be allied if constipation. Common drugs are Dahuang with the most effective function in reducing weight, Huzhang that comes right after Dahuang with both function in promoting diarrhea and activating blood circulation, and Heshouwu for nourishing blood and lubricating the intestines, as well as anti-aging effect and blackening hair. After taking the drugs, patients may have severe diarrhea and encounter great weight loss. Most of the diet teas sold on the market are made from these drugs.

Method of dispersing stagnated liver qi and promoting bile flow

Bile can digest lipid. Patients suffering from hepatitis, liver and gallbladder stones, cholecystitis, or bile hyposecretion, often do not like to eat greasy meat, and can very easily lead to disease if not careful. This method of dispersing stagnated liver qi and promoting bile flow is very important to patients with liver and gallbladder illness, especially fatty liver. I have personally achieved fine effects in clinic with it.

Its common drugs include Yinchen, key drug for the treatment of jaundice in TCM with strong effect in promoting bile flow. Chaihu Shugan Powder, composed of Chaihu, Zhike, Shaoyao, Gancao, Xiangfu and Chenpi, is a commonly used prescription and one may modify it in accordance with clinical symptoms. Also, Juemingzi can clear liver, improve vision, and decrease blood lipid, suitable for daily tea making.

Method of regulating stomach and reducing fat

Obesity is caused by over-intake of sweet and fat food in most cases, which can impede stomach movement and bring about sense of bloating, putrid belching and acid swallowing, bad breath and greasy coating on the tongue. Application of Shanzha, Damaiya, Laifuzi can be very beneficial especially in early stage, which is stated in Chinese MateriaMedica books. In TCM pediatrics, formulas such as Jiaosanxian and Baohe Tablets are frequently used. The easiest and most convenient way to reduce weight in daily life is to eat Laifuzi, raw of slightly fried.

Method of disinhibiting urine and percolating dampness

It is well acknowledged that too much dampness can contribute to phlegm; water and dampness metabolism disorder can be easily mixed with blood, resulting in blood lipid increasing. The method of disinhibiting urine and percolating dampness is the most stable way to reduce weight. One patient with obese-induced hypertension is suggested to have ongoing Donggua Rice Soup three times a day. In accordance with related herbal literatures, Donggua can promote urination, which is prohibited to be taken by skinny persons. After taking Donggua Rice Soup regularly, the patient urinated five to six times a day. One month later, the patient lost 5 Kg in weight with stabilized blood pressure. Donggua Seed and Donggua can be both used for decoction. Zexie is also frequently used to disinhibit urine and percolate dampness. Some recent studies also indicated its function of lowering lipid. Chashugen and Yumixu can both promote urination and lower blood lipid.

To take less greasy food in daily life

1.The method of regulating stomach and reducing fat treat obesity from its pathogenesis; the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis aims at its origin; both method of relieving chest stuffiness anddispersing phlegm and method of dispersing stagnated liver qi andpromoting bile flow are to enhance the functions of internal organs; and both method of disinhibiting urine and percolating dampness and method of promoting diarrhea and purgation can strengthen discharge.

2. The six methods all aim at relieving turbid pathogenic factors. For obese patients with deficiency syndrome, one will need to apply relevant drugs with functions such as tonifying qi and blood, regulating yin and yang as well as tonifying the spleen and kidney to better eliminate turbid pathogenic factors.

3. It would be much better for obese people to take less greasy food instead of applying drugs, especially for supper due to less movement in the evening. One commandment among Buddhists is to eat vegetables only and no meals after lunch, which explains the reason for their thinness and health.

TCM Weight Losing Approaches

1.To lowercalorie intake

Nutritionists hold whatever one try to control, protein, carbohydrate or lipid, the key is to lowering calorie intake. If decreasing 800 calories intake every day, one can lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks; if decreasing 500 calories intake every day, one can lose 10 pounds in 2 and a half months. However, this process has to be achieved slowly, or it can cause danger. Also, a reminder, one may need at least 1200 calories every day. With too little calorie intake, one may lose muscle that plays an indispensable role burning calories and promoting metabolism in the body.

2.To reduce food intake

One must give up the food they like and have strict control of it if to lose weight. For specially preferred food, one needs to reduce the intake volume each time. For instance, one can take 100g meat every time, four times in a week, instead of 400g each time. In this way, 1200 kilogram calorie can be decreased, leading to obvious weight loss in seven and a half months. It is suggested to have weight scale with notice on it to remind oneself of the food intake amount.

3.One less bite of meat, 10 pounds less in two months

Experts pointed out 1g fat contains 9 kilogram calorie. Compared with fat, caloriesin carbohydrate and protein are much less, around 4 kilogram calories. Thus, one can have fresh vegetables, fruits and grains in replacement of fat food (such as cream) each day to lose weight. They said, by taking 20-40 g fats each day, one may lose 10 pounds in 2 months. However, if taking too much carbohydrate, one might as well gain weight.

4.One liquid diet every day, 10 pounds loss in 5 weeks
Usually, making liquid diet is quite convenient. One can lose 10 pounds in eight months if having liquid diet once a day. Liquid diet can be diverse in case of malnutrition. With guidance from the doctors, one can take the liquid diet twice a day. In this way, one can lose 10 pounds in five weeks. However, one needs to make sure the liquid diet you take contain all the necessary nutrition and proteins one need for every day.

Characteristics of TCM for Weight Loss

Regulating endocrine
Natural balance is the law of the world that all things follow. According to TCM theory, people are sick because the balance mechanism in the human body is destroyed; therefore, TCM pays attention to the importance of recuperation. The leading cause of obesity in the light of TCM,is zang-fu function disorder, namely the endocrine disorders in Western medicine, which refers to the imbalance between hungry feeling nervous and full feeling nervous, thus leading to nutrition absorbing disequilibrium. The saying that "obesity is the result of malnutrition" differs with the previous statement, saying "obesity is the result of over-nutrition", which is the core mechanism of reducing weight under this the new concept. TCM of modern times achieves weight loss via regulating endocrine, which indeed has made breakthroughs compared with past understanding.

In TCM weight loss process, patients with obesity are treated with acupuncture and Chinese materialmedicacomprehensively to adjust nerve and endocrine functions so as to on the one hand inhibit hyper-functioning appetite, reduce food intake, and to inhibit gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, reduce the body's absorption of energy, which can contribute to decrease in energy intake, and on the other hand to promote energy metabolism, increase energy expenditure, promote the mobilization of body fat and fat decomposition and to finally realizes the effect reducing weight.

TCM achieves weight loss with very small side effects. Slimming productsare expected to be safe in weight loss, rather than destructive with symptoms such as dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting and other adverse reactions, or the remaining toxic substances in the body.
With TCM Weight loss treatmentfor a period of time, the body metabolism can come to have a new "regulation point", when weight is stable at a new level.Therefore, TCM weight loss treatment is consolidate, durable, not easy to rebound in effects.
Classification of TCM Weight Loss Methods

Acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss regulates function of two large systems, hypothalamus-hypophysis-adrenal cortex and sympathia-adrenal medulla, by stimulating meridians and collaterals. It increases basal metabolism rate, improves fat circulation, produces heat and burns restored fat. Therefore, it adjusts, perfects and improves balance of human body itself.

Acupuncture is one of the treasures in TCM, and plays an important role in treating obesity. The mechanism of acupuncture weight loss is mainly to regulate metabolism and endocrine function of the body. The common acupoints are Liangqiu, Gongsun, Neiguan and so on. Acupuncture weight loss works well for young and middle-aged patients between 20 to 50 years’ old with obesity. At this age stage, human body is well developed with perfect functions. Acupuncture treatment easily regulates all metabolism function of body, promotes the function of breakdown of fat to achieve the effect of weight loss. Acupuncture can inhibit peristalsis of intestine and secretion of gastric acid, so it relieves hunger feeling to achieve weight loss.

Cupping for weight loss

Cupping for weight loss is safe, effective and no weight regain. It can differentiate syndromes,regulate the whole body, smooth meridians and collaterals. It promotes body metabolism to achieve overall weight loss. Cupping easily regulates weight loss of TCM can choose the points based on the areas of obesity. Local points can smooth the meridians, promote local metabolism, and eliminate local fat to achieve weight loss of local areas.

Cupping is good to people's health, promotes peristalses of stomach and intestine and it longitudinally covers the whole body from head to feet. As time goes by, the manipulation of cupping is of more high-technology. Cupping can cure many kinds of diseases in our body. It can burn the body fat in short time, speed up the breakdown of fat to achieve the effect of keeping fit and losing weight.

Cupping mainly adjusts the nerve system based on warm and hot. In this way, cupping can stimulate receptors of nerve endings, and make signal go to cerebral cortex. Finally, it promotes recovery of the function of the body, adjusts yin and yang, promotes metabolism function, speeds up lymphocinesia, and discharges the waste and toxins of our body quickly. It finally achieves the effect of keeping fit and losing weight.

There are several things worth noting in cupping. Cupping should be used in smooth areas of skin better without bones. The best areas forcupping are the places that have a lot of muscle and fat but few blood vessels. One should better lie down on the back or on the belly and should not move at will, in case caps fall down from the body.

Attentionsin cupping for weight loss

Cupping should be forbidden or used with caution in following patients that want to lose weight. That is to say, patients who are too hungry, overeating, overworking, excessively thirsty, or with ardent fever, serious edema, high neuroticism, highly allergic skin, broken skin, extremely poor elastic skin, serious skin diseases, tumors, hemophilia, active tuberculosis,menstrual period or pregnancy should be very much careful usingcupping.

Meridian and collateral method for weight loss

Meridan and collateral method for weight loss refers to using TCM theory of differentiation according to syndromes to regulate nerve and endocrine function of obesity and finally achieve weight loss by comprehensive treatment by regulating endocrine function and TCM methods such as magnetic needle and acupuncture. It mainly has twoforms:

1. Meridian and collateral method

Magnetic meridian and collateral method

TCM has its unique form in meridian and collateral weight loss, which is the reasonthat appearance of black plaster and magnet. For thousands of years, black plaster plays an important role in TCM and is one of spirits of TCM treatment methods. It can cure bad conditions by stimulating meridian qi, smoothing meridian and collateral, promoting movement of qi and blood, improving peristalsis strength of intestine, increasing discharge of fat substances, eliminating unsmooth bowel movement and distention of abdomen by using magnet on Shenque point(navel) and transdermal absorption of black plaster. This method makes many friends lose weight successfully, and has been well received.

2. Massage method

Massage method is also called acupoints“massage abdomen”method and acupoints pressure weight loss method. It applies TCM acupoints, meridians and collaterals to massage abdomen in order to lose weight.

Acupoints map of massage abdomen method

It not only reduces excessive fat in stomach and lower back, but also cures many chronic diseases. It says that all chronic diseases can be cured by method of massaging abdomen.

One should carefully feel the reaction of body during the process of massaging abdomen. We may feel that some areas of abdomen is pain, distention, sour, numb, watering sound or lump(those places should be massaged especially). It is common that gas, hiccup and belching occur when patients are treated with abdomen massage. Those bad conditions lead to our metabolism disorder and accumulation of toxins that hard to discharge. All those lead to obesity.

Acupoint pressure weight loss is a sort of newly weight loss method based on natural Chinese traditional treatment. It totally abandons synthetic drug, but fully applies various factors, substances and information from natural environment to prevent and treat diseases. For example, forest, sunshine, air, medical compress, fumigation, magnetic energy and heat energy are methods that mainly use natural environment and resources.

The theory of acupoint pressure weight loss is to make you feel no hungry by stimulating your acupoints. That is to say, it can control appetite.

It regulates meridians and collaterals of certain areas by massaging certain acupoints, and finally achieves weight loss by adjusting function of five Zang organs and endocrine system. It can reduce feeling of hunger and control appetite by acupoint pressure. This method has good effect on local obesity, leg, abdomen and back, and it regulates menses, treats constipation, lowers blood fat and is very comfortable during manipulation.

Massage and acupoint pressure are mainly manipulated in abdomen while they are also used in other parts of body such as head, leg, arm and sole. Acupoints around navel are Qihai, Daju, Guanyuan, Tianshu and so on. Each point pressed 10-20 times, it can promote metabolism, reduce appetite, regulate endocrine and so on, and improve syndromes such as distention of abdomen, edema and protrusion of little abdomen. Head acupoints such as Xiaguan and Xiache can relax sinews, activate collaterals, promote blood circulation and tighten facial skin. It has effects of fastening blood circulation of leg, promoting peristalsis of intestine and removing excessive fat of leg by pressing leg and foot acupoints such as Zusanli and Sanyinjiao.

Contraindication of TCM in Weight Loss

Obesity is always closely related to the following unhealthy living habits; therefore, it should be corrected without delay.

1. Inappropriate arrangement of breakfast and dinner. Some people do not eat breakfast, while they eat rich dinner or snakes before sleep. This not only leads to obesity, but also easily causes serious diseases such as coronary heart diseases and necrotic pancreatitis. At night, stimulation of vagus nerve promotes secretion of insulin and increases fat synthesis. Besides, few night activity burns few calories. So people who have dinner too late or too much or snakes after dinner easily tends to obesity. Once there is a famous saying: “when to eat is more important than what to eat”. In a word, breakfast should be rich while dinner should be small.

2. Eating too much. Eating too much leading to excessive calories intake is the main reason of obesity. Some people take eating and drinking as their goals. They often eat too much due to the thought of “living to overeating” and “full drinking contributes to relationship although it hurts spleen and stomach". Some people abuses drinking and eating to forget the depression, so they develop obesity after eating many kinds of food without control.

3. Eating too fast. Irregular eating time always delays the dinner time leading to huge hunger,so bad eating habits such as gobble, drinking and eating too much are formed.

4. Bad food preference. Nutrients cannot supplied in balance because of food preference such as sweet food, fat, haslet, butter, chocolate, fried food and western food like KFC and ham burger.

5. Brunch. Brunch means people eat rich lunch to replace breakfast while they do not eat breakfast. Eating too much lunch suddenly increases the secretion of insulin, so it promotes fat synthesis.

6. Too much intake of oil and sugar. Most people know that lard cannot eat too much, but vegetable oil can eat more, so people eat a lot. In fact, oils such as bean oil, colza oil and peanut oil that cook vegetables are all fat. The calories they produced are equal to high fat food such as lard. That is to say, one gram vegetable oil can produce nine kilocalories, so it should not eat too much. For some people that cook food with sugar, so calories intake continuously as this condition continues day by day. Finally, they become obesity unconsciously.

7. Frequent intake of fried food, leftover soup and leftovers.

8. Laziness. ① driving cars instead of walking or using lifts instead of climbing stairs. ② sleeping right after meal or sitting or lying down while watching television, or playing computers for a long time after meals ③ unwillingness to do housework or inability to be independent. Abilities of people with obesity are lower than common people in aspects such as physical strength, endurance and sensitivity. People with obesity are more unwilling to move, and some of them even fall into vicious cycle of fatter resulting in lazier and the lazier leading to much fatter.

Weight loss by massaging TCM acupoints

Apart from sport and diet, the best way to achieve weight loss is by massaging acupoints. Weight loss method by massaging acupoints can easily burn body fat so long as one finds the correct massaging acupoints and methods.

1. Weight loss method by massaging rotately around navel

One hand with four fingers closed together, finger pulp of four fingers is used to mildly press around the navel, each with 10 times.

Besides massage, one should do some moderate sport at usual such as stroll. It is decided as your requirement to choice slow pace, moderate pace or fast pace. Stroll can harmonize qi and blood and stretch sinews and bones, and it builds an enduring foundation for weight loss.

2. Weight loss method by massaging Zusanli

Zusanli lies in one finger breadth below the lateral crest of knee. By massaging Zusanli, it can prevent and treat various diseases and has effects of modifying immune system, enhancing diseases resistance, regulating spleen and stomach, tonifying the middle to benefit qi, expelling wind to resolve dampness and smoothing channel to activate collaterals.

3. Weight loss method by pressing three acupoints

(1)Zhongwanacupoint: midline between extremities anterior of sternum and navel. Massaging this point can improve immunity of stomach.

(2) Qihaiacupoint: one finger breadth straight below navel. This point is used to treat mental disorder and depression.

(3) Guanyuanacupoint: three finger breadth straight below navel. This point is used to relieve cold constitution syndrome due to abdomen attacked by cold.

4. Weight loss method by massaging Sanyinjiao

Sanyinjiao lies in three finger breadth above the medial malleolus. This point is often massaged to benefit liver, spleen and kidney.

Misunderstanding in TCM weight loss

1. Weight loss equals to dieting

Many females declare eat nothing in order to lose weight. In order to become thinner and thinner, they always do not eat rice or eat fruit instead of meal.

TCM Dr. Huangjing says that the behavior of losing weight blindly on the spur of the moment is not only going against weight loss, but also have no effect to body health. Although blindly dieting can lose weight in a short time, but once normal diet returns, the weight regain, or even they get fat than they have lost. Meanwhile, over dieting on purpose also significantly lowers quality of life, disturb the nutrition balance of body. If things go on this way, body’s basic metabolic rate will become lower. Then people may have symptoms of diseases such as yellow face, fatigue, collapse and lassitude. More serious, some even develops anorexia.

In fact, the main reasons leading to simple obesity are poor dietary habits and unbalanced dietary structure. Therefore, weight loss does not mean dieting or fasting blindly or on purpose. However, one should change poor dietary habits and unbalanced dietary structure from the root. Finally one should pursue scientific and reasonable dietary, such as health dietary structure, necessary nutrition intake, regular dietary habits, and scientific cooking methods. In one word, that is not eat little but more reasonably. It is more harm than good if life quality lowers due to weight loss, or even body and mental diseases occurs.

2. Diarrhea can lead to weight loss

Dr. Huangjing said that she saw a lot of young female patients who eager to lose weight in clinic. Serious diarrhea or gastrointestinal function disorder occurs because of they are lost in so-called health products or drugs that quick weight loss.
Most of unregulated health products are intended to lose weight, and they make people diarrhea to achieve weight loss. Products leading to diarrhea should not be taken freely or for a long time, because it can easily induce side effects such as deprivation of water fluids, fatigue, malnutrition, palpitation, short breath, physical metabolism disorder, electrolyte disorder and intestine diseases. If one stops this kind of health products, constipation and body weight regain will occur.
TCM theory shows that obesity seemly belongs to dignity problem, but its mechanism is rather complex. Obesity relates to many organs in the body, mainly because function disorder of liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach and intestine. Once these organs goes wrong, the regulation of body in food digestion, absorption and discharge will lose balance, finally leading to accumulation of pathogenic factors such as phlegm stasis and dampness. Therefore, TCM emphasizes that obesity should remove pathogenic factors in the body and regulate function of organs in the body from the root. Only in this way can we not only have slim body but also health body.

3. Los of exercises will work

Moderate sport can indeed strengthen and build body, but it is undesirable to do a lot of sports in a short time, especially for those with poor constitution. It not only cannot lower the body weight, but cause some side effects. Excessive sports exceeds the limit of body normal load, easily causes sport injuries, fatigue feeling or even fatigue symptom. For people with poor heart function, excessive sports make heart overburdened to induce heart diseases. For people doing sports without perseverance, weight regain will happen.

Therefore, the key meaning of sports is not just lose excessive body fat, but is to find one's suitable way of doing sports, and then doing sport step by step with perseverance. Sports can contribute to keep fit on the basis of benefiting body and mind.





















体重指数BMI=体重/身高的平方(国际单位kg/m) 理想体重(Kg)=(18.5~23.9)×身高的平方 (单位m) 根据世界卫生组织定下的标准,亚洲人的BMI(体重指标BodyMassIndex)若高于22.9便属于过重。亚洲人和欧美人属于不同人种,WHO的标准不是非常适合中国人的情况,为此制定了中国参考标准:

BMI 分类

WHO 标准


















体重指标 (BMI)=体重(kg)/身高的平方(m2)

正常体重:18.2-22.9 过重:23-24.9 一级肥胖:25-29.9 二级肥胖:>30
























































针灸是中国传统医学宝库中的一支奇葩,在调理肥胖中也能发挥重要的作用。针灸减肥的机理主要是调整人体的代谢功能和内分泌功能。 常用的针灸穴位在梁丘穴、公孙穴、内关穴等。针灸减肥对20~50岁的中青年肥胖者效果较好。因为在这个年龄阶段,人体发育比较成熟,各种功能也比较健全,通过针灸治疗,比较容易调整机体的各种代谢功能,促进脂肪分解,达到减肥降脂的效果。针刺后能够抑制胃肠的蠕动,并有抑制胃酸分泌的作用,从而减轻饥饿感,达到针灸减肥的目的。